Monday, August 22, 2011

seahorse from the seashore

a sun-kissed muffy and her favorite summer accessory

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

m-i-c....see ya real soon

we're off to re-meet mickey....
this was taken on muffy's first trip to WDW when she was just two

we have MANY more things scheduled this time....
i'm looking forward to having dinner with prince charming (and cinderella, too) at the grand floridian!

have a wonderful week....
see you real soon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the *new* lilly dresses

a certain preppy (pink champagne)
and i were discussing the absolute NEED 
for the new lilly dresses that are popping up on
The Sully $178
 i declare this the day dress -- how fun for errands, lunch, coffee, shopping!
The Kiki $238
 how about this little number for work and drinks after?
The Cameron $268
 yacht-club chic, yes? love the madras and little ruffle up top
The Madison $148
 the one-shoulder is my style for summer, especially since i've been pumping iron!
The Bethanne Embellished $628
 the show-stopper in sequins...this is a sparklie one that needs a special event
The Chloe $248
and another one-shoulder in the lovely floral bouquet of pink and green!

the dresses keep getting better and our collections keep growing!
now, to plan an event and convince our husbands of this need!
what are your lilly pics for summer?
(btw: these are just the dresses i want....
have you seen the adorable collection 
of tops, totes and sandals?!?) 
what's a girl to do but shop, shop, shop?

Monday, May 9, 2011

derby darling

(slightly recovering from a party-packed weekend)
muffy with her derby artwork, a horse named lilly, and a jockey all in pink
mother-daughter derby dresses (a repeat of easter)
gotta love bbq wings and ribs
julep fixins
someone stole my hat!
ready to watch the derby
and she's off....down the hill....
my former boss and CEO of talbots, arnold zetcher with his wife ellen at the derby...they own midnight interlude

Friday, May 6, 2011

jelly shoes, then and now

i remember begging for my first pair of jelly shoes in the 1980s
i had them in clear, of course, followed by white, black and grey 
(i guess my mama had me as a more neutral and practical gal back then)

and now, 30 years later, i've got my eye on 
the newest generation of jellies
a-la lilly and tory!

what do you think of the new jellies?
will you wear them this summer?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

a man, a mint julep, a hat and a horse

does that spell derby weekend or what?

and just what to dress your man in this saturday?
how about this adorable tie from southern proper?
(it also comes in pink!)

i'll be donning my oversized hot pink hat 
that i wore for the royal wedding party

now, which horse to bet on?
i'm thinking about putting $2 down 
on every one -- this is going to be a great race!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

tiffany's new twist

twisted and tied with a bow

what's not to love?
(ahhh, and just in time for mother's day....if you're reading, mr prep!)