Monday, February 28, 2011

preppy puppy

this weekend, with mr prep and muffy away,
my preppy puppy and i had lots of play time together...
and while out shopping for HER, i found a new gourmet treat company!

how cute are these treats?
they're all-natural too, and produced right near me on cape cod!
we got the cranberry bones 
(they're actually soft, 
no, i didn't try them, 
and much better for my 12-year-old girls' teeth than crunchier bones)

here's a picture of the preppy princess herself!
my magnolia

Friday, February 25, 2011

free weekend

i've always loved filling the social calendar, 
but lately it's had lots of muffy's dates on it....
gymnastics, birthday parties, library, etc....

so, mr prep is planning a daddy-daughter weekend 
away at his parents' home in vermont 
to give me a little free time
(plus, i promised him that i would attempt to clear 
our basement of all my old college stuff!)

and i plan to fill every minute!
first, an evening with a friend at kate spade

tomorrow, a lunch date with another friend at 
and lunch at the bistro
and drinks
and then, if i have time, i'll attack the basement!

what do you do when the husband and kids are away?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

kate does it again

My Favourite Things from kidswithcrayons on Vimeo.

have you seen this adorable kate spade video?

it is truly the picture of spring, and youth, and love.....

ahhhhhh, i'm IN love with it.

and the music is soooo sweet!

it makes me anticipate my trip to kate spade on friday all the more!

where do you think it was shot? it looks very euro to me!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

georgia on my mind


i saw the ray charles biography last night
and although i have been a fan forever,
i marveled at his amazing talent and his
ability to stay true to himself

i share this song as a favorite with my dear father
and somehow did not dance to it with him at my wedding
(a big miss!)

it also reminds me of the south that i miss so terribly!

but, i do have georgia on my mind for another reason...

i'm planning a business trip to atlanta and need your help
where to stay?
where to eat?
where to shop?
what to do?

i have not been in about 15 years and back then 
i was more into buckhead....

please take a listen and inspire me!

Monday, February 21, 2011

afternoon theater

muffy and i, along with our girlfriends, went to see my 
all-time favorite musical yesterday afternoon

i have seen so many versions of the musical, 
and this was really a wonderful production, 
and it was at a revitalized old theater near our town

and after every show we see, 
muffy insists on having her picture made with the stars
(here she is with annie and orphan molly)

as i commuted into work this morning, i kept the 
soundtrack in and belted out every song. 
(i swear i was a broadway singer in a past life!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

fishnet frenzy

i stand by this statement
fishnets CAN be fashionable
(when worn with the appropriate dress)

and i own several pairs in black and nude. 
i admit, they don't get a lot of wear, 
especially in the office, so when i wore them yesterday, 
it seemed to stir the senses
(if you know what i mean!)

what's your take on this fishnet frenzy?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

drop off

today is one of those days i realized i have a big girl

little miss muffy asked if instead of walking her into school i could just sit with her in the drop off car line and let her get out on her own and go into school by herself.

so we sat in the car and listened to katy perry. and said our good-byes.
it wasn't too long ago i was drying her eyes at 
day-care because she didn't want me to go.

not to worry, she still needs mama for most other things....for now
(sniff, sniff)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bumper stickers

do you have a bumper sticker?

(typical euro stickers seen in our area of the world)

what does the bumper sticker say about you....
or those in your vehicle?
there is a certain type of bumper sticker i'm seeing everywhere, 
especially on the backs of minivans in my neighborhood. 
it's the stick family.
and it drives mr prep crazy!
in fact, he liked this one when he saw it:

now the pink prep mobile does have one, 
and it was given to me by a sweet blogger friend....
i like it because it serves two purposes. 
it declares my allegiance to the preppy lifestyle 
and helps me and muffy find my car in any parking lot.

just look for our ....

Friday, February 11, 2011

valentine's wishes

here's wishing you a lovely 
valentine's weekend filled with




french chocolates

and sparklies

or maybe you're anti-valentine?

then this....


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

little valentines

muffy has all her valentines made and 
is so excited for her "heart party" as she calls it on monday

we've always done something special for her each valentine's day....usually a spaghetti and meatball dinner at her little table filled with hearts and flowers, and a stuffed baby, and we watch a disney movie

i will send "her" valentine (mr prep) to get her balloons and flowers.
here are a couple valentines she has made for him.

we love to spoil our little sweetie.
what do you do for your little valentines?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

yellow polka dots, all grown up

the yellow polka-dot bikini, 
a-la michael kors, 
turned one-piece 
is just my style

paired with this beach tote

and shoe options from talbots

i'm ready to be pool-side!

(hey, a girl can dream....
it's supposed to be single-digits tonite!)

here's to sunny days ahead!

Monday, February 7, 2011

disney dreaming

we are disney dreaming and planning our vacation!
(what better to do when the forecast calls for 

(mr prep, my mom, muffy and my dad--2007)
we went to disney world when muffy was just 2 years old, so this will be an entirely different experience for us, since she will be 6 1/2 when we go this time.
(muffy meeting mickey mouse for the first time--2007)

we're planning on going to both disney and universal 
(she loves harry potter and we cannot wait to see the entire section devoted to the young wizard!)

please send me your must-dos....
places to stay, visit, where to eat, etc!

Friday, February 4, 2011

style, by the numbers

my sweet, stylish blogger friend

gifted me with this award some time ago, so i wanted to play along today....the rules are simple: give seven little tidbits about goes!


1. i love fashion
(maybe it was because my mother used to literally read me Vogue!
i also was a fashion journalism major in college -- i think i made that major up, but the school went along with it-- i not-so-secretly wanted to be a fashion model!)

2. muffy is named after a vogue editor 
(yes, first AND middle name--here are some hints)
3. i love to sing
(i admit i'm not very good at it...but hubs and i are always making up differernt words to songs -- muffy is going to be sooo embarrassed some day!)

4. i have a love/hate with facebook
(love the technology to reconnect with old friends, hate that i cant talk to them and see them all the time -- it makes me miss them!)

5. i never leave the house without lipstick on!
(not even for an early class in college)
6. i curl my hair
(even on beach days or staying around the house days)
i have quite the stock of curlers, rollers and irons. 

 7. i love to window e-shop
(what's better than filling up a shopping cart with lilly...just wish i could buy it all!)

8. i love oprah!
(she was actually a client of mine when i worked at Polo Ralph Lauren in chicago and was lucky enough to be at her show twice -- once she sent a limo to pick me and three friends up--with green room treatment at harpo studios no less!)

do these things make me stylish?
i don't know, but they are certainly things i could not do without!

i know you are a stylish blogger too, so please, play along!