Friday, May 28, 2010

homecoming weekend

i'm headed home to tennessee...

the land of sweet tea

fabulous bbq

and family!

have a wonderful memorial day weekend, 
and remember those who have given their life to serve!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

pink and green thursday...beach getaway

welcome summer!
as muffy and i pack for our memorial day getaway, 
(and the start to a week's vaca) 
i thought i would share some pink and green essentials for the trip 
on this lovely Pink & Green Thursday!

beach towel
beach bag

bathing suits and coverups...
and a mufee scarf!
(did you know the generous--and host of pink and green thursday-- trish at
is giving one away? check her out!)

nail polish for a perfect pedicure

a great beach read

a picnic snack

don't forget the sunscreen

let's pack the car and go!

hope you have a fun memorial day weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

way-back wednesday...satc

do you remember the first time you met the girls
the first time you tired a cosmo? 

i know it was a while ago, but those way-back SATC nights with girlfriends have me even more excited for the new movie!!

i'm even more excited to see the "way-back" flashback moments of the girls!
(even though it is crystal-clear to any lilly lover 
that charlotte is wearing a current lilly skirt!)
and speaking of charlotte, while i was in bloomingdale's over the weekend, there was a great SATC2 display with great screen tees, declaring what girl you are.

just in case you're wondering....

have fun at the movie!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

windy-city whirlwind

what a fabulous trip, but i always say that when i go to chicago!
i stayed in my old neighborhood in the gold coast, so everything was within walking distance, which was a plus becuase the weather was gorgeous.

i started out by seeing a friend from college who was overseeing the guilianna rancik swimsuit event at bloomingdale's.... did a bit of shopping at the 900 north mall

and then settled in for a bit of work back at the hotel....

then a little more shopping down michigan avenue....

when i returned from shopping, i checked in with the front desk to see if a package i had been expecting had been delivered, it had not, but i was told there was a gentelman waiting for me at the bar (the famed Pump Room where Frank Sinatrawas known to frequent) i had no idea what to expect, but there, across the room sat my great friend from college, looking handsome as ever in a pin-stripe suit, sipping a martini.

after i picked my jaw from the floor, i told him to give me 30 minutes and i would join him....we spent the next few hours catching up...he's the most interesting person i know, having spent a year in africa traveling, working all over the country as a photojournalist for the AP and now, an attorney!
he joined me for the fabulous show

where we schmoozed with the actors afterwards
(the one in the purple used to play Raul on the Young & the Restless)

and dinner at the fabulous tapas restaurant

sunday, i met one of my agents, who i deal with for work, for a wonderful brunch

then, i gave up shopping (shocker) and headed for oak street beach.

it was H-O-T and i even got into the water a bit

back to the hotel for a little more work and then dinner at

a french-vietnameese fusion restaurant (so delish!)

and a leisurely stroll back to the hotel and a little work prep

breakfast at the neighborhood coffee shop i used to frequent years ago

then off to work

back into boston by 8 pm to tuck muffy into bed 
and to cheer on the celtics with mr prep

lots of fun. lots of old memories. chicago will forever hold a special place in my heart.
i'll be back in september, for work, if not sooner.

Friday, May 21, 2010

hello chicago!

as i depart for my favorite city, let me take you on a bit of a tour of where i'll be and what i'll be doing.... for fun that is. 

(i'm really going for work!) 

 lunch at frankie's on the 5th floor of the bloomingdale's building
the best chopped salad and tomato soup!

and did i mention it's in the bloomie's buidling?
(i was a bloomie's girl for a short first real job in chicago, and my motivation for moving there...a job AND a discount!)

a friend is hosting this event, so i thought it'd be fun to stop by for a little celeb schmoozing!

followed by a little shopping down michigan ave!
have to bring muffy home a little presie!

 seeing the broadway musical and tony-nominated show

dinner at spiaggia --- ahhhhhhh

the best breakfast in town at the west egg cafe, hidden away on a little side street

a trip to oak street beach if it's and magazines are ready!

or the architectural boat tour down the chicago river

dinner at the famed italian rosebud

chicago is definitely my kind of town!

i'll be back on tuesday...have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

pink and green thursday...carnival glass

it's pink and green thursday! (yay!)
please play along with me (and trish, the fabulous pink and green lilly-lover herself over at

my theme this week is carnival, or depression-era, glass.

most of the glass was in this lovely pink, or a similarly popular peachy pink.

my mother-in-law, an amazing collector and antiques lover, has an entire built-in in her formal living room filled with peachy pink carnival glass. i love to admire it every time we visit.