Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the *new* lilly dresses

a certain preppy (pink champagne)
and i were discussing the absolute NEED 
for the new lilly dresses that are popping up on lillypulitzer.com
The Sully $178
 i declare this the day dress -- how fun for errands, lunch, coffee, shopping!
The Kiki $238
 how about this little number for work and drinks after?
The Cameron $268
 yacht-club chic, yes? love the madras and little ruffle up top
The Madison $148
 the one-shoulder is my style for summer, especially since i've been pumping iron!
The Bethanne Embellished $628
 the show-stopper in sequins...this is a sparklie one that needs a special event
The Chloe $248
and another one-shoulder in the lovely floral bouquet of pink and green!

the dresses keep getting better and our collections keep growing!
now, to plan an event and convince our husbands of this need!
what are your lilly pics for summer?
(btw: these are just the dresses i want....
have you seen the adorable collection 
of tops, totes and sandals?!?) 
what's a girl to do but shop, shop, shop?


  1. The Sully WILL be mine! (Is that okay, hubs???) And our new gym routine is definitely a reason to indulge in some one-shoulder numbers!

  2. Loving the first one! Have a great day darling! Kori xoxo