Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas angels

one of my favorite christmas traditions is 
selecting an angel from the salvation army's angel tree.

i have done this for many years, 
and it's a great thing for muffy to do with me now.

she loves selecting a child her age 
and picking out things the little girl might like.

not wanting to dispel any beliefs that santa 
would not deliver for a deserving child, 
i try to explain that this child is not as fortunate 
as others and might like a few extra things under his or her tree.

this year, "our" five-year-old girl asked for a baby alive doll. 

muffy was so excited to pick it out and wrap it up with me.

we added some snuggly jammies, an outfit and socks, 
a soft stuffed teddy and coloring book and crayons.

she was so excited to deliver it last night to the drop-off location, 
and thankfully, all the angels on the tree had been adopted.

i hope in some small way, 

my little christmas angel has made a happier holiday for another.


  1. So precious!!! A couple sorority sisters and I volunteered at the booth at our mall a couple weeks ago! Such a great charity!!!

  2. We are buying for our "child", Valentin, tomorrow!

  3. We always did that at church growing up and it made such a positive impression on me!