Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas brunch

amid cookie baking and parties, 
the annual trip to see the nutcracker ballet, 
the event muffy and i are most looking forward to 
this weekend is the 
christmas "santa" brunch at lake pearl.

we'e going with two of our very good friends 
so it should be a real festive, lady-like affair! 
(then we'll all go to see the nutcracker together)

lake pearl is actually a beautiful club set on, 
you guessed it, lake pearl, near our home.

the facilities are gorgeous and the food is amazing.

mr prep and i just attended a christmas party 
there last friday night, 
and we help muffy's post-baptism party there years ago.

the forecast calls for snow...a dusting would be nice to amp up 
the festivities, but not a blizzard. 
last year it snowed 14 inches the day of 
the nutcracker performance, 
mr prep was out of town and i was left to shovel!


  1. Looks like it is going to be a very fun weekend! Our pup Buffy also had her own Easter basket! xx

  2. What an absolutely wonderful event for a cute mother and daughter combo! Have a ball!