Wednesday, January 19, 2011

inspiration wall

how do you get inspired at work?

i recently began writing for and promoting 
a new division or my company and 
am currently working on our summer look book.

after meeting with my team of art directors and designers, 
looking at all the designer merchandise 
and discussing themes 
i needed some inspiration, 
so i created a wall of ideas.

here are a few pictures i surrounded myself with

now if this doesn't inspire me to think summer, 
i don't know what will!


  1. SO fun!!! Loving the pictures!!!

  2. Yes!! I am feeling very inspired right now! Love Jude Law, Yummers!!

  3. Your job sounds fun!! Love those pics for inspiration :)

  4. I'm TOTALLY inspired! (Maybe not to work, but for other things...) ;)

  5. Love love love Mad Men! This brightened my day! Thanks :)

    ~ ~

  6. Oh yes! The Talented Mr Ripley is such a perfect summer movie!