Thursday, January 20, 2011

tiny tory look-alikes

i am sick of snow (forecast calls for more)
so i started spring shopping for muffy 
and found some 

i love anything miss tory is touting!

so when i saw these looks at 
janie and jack
i was so excited.

down to the accessories!

do you suppose these real tory's were the inspiration?

they say a copy is a true form of flattery,
and the janie and jack tory take offs are just so adorable!


  1. SO adorable!!! I just wish they were in my size! Muffy will be so stylish as always!

  2. Do these come in MY size?!? Adorable!

  3. O.M.G!! Tooo cute! Great find! I am so sick of snow too, and supposedly we are going to get more, ugh!

  4. omg those are adorable!!! If my daughter were only a tad bit bigger...someday!! Love your blog!

  5. So cute! I have a 7 yr old son and this post really makes me want to try for a girl too. :)