Monday, May 2, 2011

party for the princesses

from their own royal princess and wedding party

to ours

what a memorable day friday was!

i'm so glad we got to share it with friends and festive finery!


  1. This is just PRECIOUS!!! Muffy looks so cute with her tiara!! I love your hat!!! I love the cake! Also, thanks for your sweet comment! Yes my dress is a lavender/lilac color! Hope you have a great week!!!

  2. How fun! I love how everyone dressed up to celebrate. Seriously, you and your guests could have given fashion tips to some of the guests at the actual weddings. Beatrice and Eugenie - oh, my!

  3. adorable. I love your cake!

  4. That cake is so perfect! What a special party--sure to be a fantastic memory to moms and minnies alike. ;)

  5. Love any excuse to war a hat and dress up !!!