Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first days

there has been a lot of excitement at my house
 with muffy's kindergarten orientation
 muffy and her bff

and first day
 can you believe she is the TALLEST in her class?

she was so excited, but the heat got the best of her and, 
(bless her heart) 
she threw up after lunch and 
daddy had to pick her up in the nurses' office!
the poor kindergarten teacher: 
one kid stuck a pencil in his eye, 
muffy went home sick and 
another little girl cried the entire day.

i'm hoping today went a LOT better!


  1. She is beautiful! You must be so proud :O)

    Is she in full time K? They started that here this year and I get angry every time I think about it.

  2. Yeah Muffy! I am so sorry she threw up, but as a Kindergarten teacher...well, we see it all! Now that boy and the pencil...YIKES! I have taught full~day kindergarten for the last 12 years and can't imagine going back to 1/2 day! Enjoy this magical year! :)

  3. Muffy is too cute!!! I was always one of he tallest too! That's rough she got sick, hope it was much better today!!!

  4. Oh Muffy I hope your tummy is feeling better! Between the heat and excitement poor angel. She looks darling ... that poor teacher on the first day ... wonder what the rest of the year will be like. Hope today was much better!! XO HHL

  5. Oh how exciting and sad all at the same time! She is so beautiful though and I know you did a good job raising her so she should do great at school!

  6. She is a cutie. Sorry she wasn't well on her first day.

    Wasn't sure where to ask this--where did you get the plaid totes for your giveaway? I love them! Thanks.

  7. Adorable! I hope she feels better!

    P.S. I tagged you on my blog!

  8. At least it was a memorable first day! (Sorry... Couldn't resist!)

    She IS precious though!

  9. Bless her little heart!! She is so cute! She really looks happy to be a big girl Kindergartner! Hope you have a great week!