Wednesday, September 1, 2010

on our marks, get set...

with kindergarten just one. day. away.

muffy and i went the boston children's museum for their newest exhibit
i figured she needed all the practice she could get!

 there was a reading area

an audio/visual area
(books on tape for you and me!)
a science center
(something to do with magnets)

an art center

circle time center

and even an interactive school bus with 
real vinyl stick-to-your-little-legs seats

she absolutely loved it!

today we are going for kindergarten orientation 
and meet the teacher this morning,
a noon-time picnic on the lawn and a 
meet-and-greet the after-school teachers from 430 to 6. 
whew! a full day of school for us all.

the official day is thursday....lots of posing for her tomorrow!


  1. SO adorable!!!! What a fun museum exhibit!!! We went there when I was younger and it was fun! Sadly I remember the special exhibit being from the show Arthur. Muffy looks so cute!!! I hope you guys have a blast day today!!!

  2. What a great way to help kids get ready for K! Now, the real question is, do you have her the perfect Lilly picked out for Day 1?

  3. How exciting!! Muffy will be the cutest kindergartner around, for sure. I hope she has a wonderful first day!

  4. Those little kindergarteners at my school are so precious - and little! My youngest is only nine, but I still feel so removed from that age!

  5. Your daughter's adorable! Hope she has a great first day of kindergarten! xo