Tuesday, September 14, 2010

school picture day

today is muffy's school picture day

i rolled her hair in spongy pink curlers last night

then put out the monogrammed corduroy jumper 
and big bow i had been planning on her wearing for almost a year

let's just hope the end result and the 
overpriced pre-paid picture package 
resembles this sweet picture i took this morning!


  1. AWW!!! She looks beautiful!!!!

    I know right. Aren't those package prices ridiculous?! I noticed that when my friend ordered her daughter's school pictures.

  2. How precious! What a little doll :)
    Love the outfit and big smile!

  3. Oh my goodness, sweetie, little Miss Muffy couldn't look more adorable if she tried! What a perfect outfit (LOVE the pink monogram on the chocolate jumper) and I know you picked out that ginormous bow on purpose! I bet she had the biggest bow of all the girls in her class, just to show them how we do it down South, right?! She wears them so well too!! :)

    You are such a wonderful mama - I know how much she adores you! Hugs to you my dear friend xoxo

  4. She looks adorable. And if those awful school pictures (they really are pretty awful most of the time), you've got some great shots right here!

  5. Muffy looks so cute in her lil monogrammed dress - Love it! Love the bow! I wore bows like that back in the day!! Hope the pics turn out okay, it was always hit and miss for mine!

  6. How adorable - love the hair, outfit, bow - the whole package! My daughter's school pictures are tomorrow - why must we send a pre-paid form?? Not that I won't buy photos of my child, but I would like to see a proof. That's how it was done in preschool. Probaby too many logistics or K-8. :)

  7. After catching up on all your posts while I was away, I have decided that Muffy is the most adorable little girl ever! (She takes after her momma.) The bow, monogram, and that smile could not be more picture-perfect!

  8. I wish I had a "Muffy" in my kindergarten class! I am betting she will be smashing in her photos! Love the entire outfit! :) Love, Mrs. Kindergarten