Monday, November 29, 2010

giving thanks, a little late

top five things i'm thankful for
(there could be so many more)
1) my family
although we are not all together for thanksgiving anymore
2) our health
thank goodness everyone is healthy
3) our happiness
though times have been stressful with opening 
our new store and the stresses of work, we are happy
4) muffy, of course
5) togetherness

four thanksgiving memories
1) arriving at grandma's late on wednesday night to join my entire family
the uncles, dad and grandpa would drink beer, the aunts, mom and grandma would be chopping and prepping for the next day and the cousins would play
2) sneaking into the box of wine with my auntie
3) watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
4) making an entire thanksgiving feast for me and my boyfriend
from the Cooking Light magazine

three holiday treks i remember most
1) alabama to illinois
(to grandmother's house)
2) to chicago from southern illinois
(to work at the polo store on black friday)
3) to vermont from massachusetts
(to the inlaws)

two strange thanksgiving traditions
1) my father-in-law's oyster stew
2) my father's cheese salad
(made with cubed chedder, sweet pickles and mayonaise)

one thing i made this year
1) my favorite Marie Callender's Cherry Crunch Pie!
hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!


  1. Sounds so nice!!! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday :)