Thursday, November 4, 2010

wishin' and hopin' and dreamin'

it's here!
the american girl wish book!
and it's basically been torn to shreds, since there are visions of dolls, accessories and furniture dancing around in muffy's head!

there are so many wishes in this book, but there is a rule in our house
(read: limit) 
for the number of items you may ask santa to deliver.

and that number is THREE
(hey, the baby Jesus got three gifts and that was good enough!)

i once remember asking for a cabbage patch kid, 
a monogrammed sweater and a highlighter pen.
(i think that says a lot about me, right?!?)

let the madness begin!


  1. This is SO cute!!! That's where all my gifts came from back in the day!!! I loved American Girl and now all my outfits and accessories are packed in nice plastic bins in the basement. I always loved the limited edition holiday dress - no clue if they still do that!

  2. Love the three item wish list idea! I remember how excited I was to receive the new AG catalog! :)

  3. YEAH .. Christmas!!! The magical time of the year....adorable photo ... I love your idea of limiting to 3 gifts..... HHL

  4. I used to LOVE american girl!! I had Molly and my sister had Kit. Everything they make is good quality and they're not like a lot of the trashy little girl toys out there! Also love your old Christmas list!

  5. How cute! I actually chair my JL's American Girl Fashion Show in the spring so I am all over AG everything. I still have my Kirsten doll.

  6. Oh my- I was obessed with the american girl. My grandmother always bought all the dolls- Kit was my favorite! She actually just mentioned the other day that she still gets the catalogs in the mail!
    New to your blog and love it! I am a new follower!

  7. What a good idea to use 3 for a wish list.

  8. Too cute! You just made me giggle with the Baby Jesus comment! ;) Time for the Christmas shopping to begin!