Monday, November 8, 2010

knit gifts

with the first snow already falling in new england, 
today is the perfect time to show you some of 
the cutest knit hats and scarves!

vera bradley hat

vera bradley scarf

and a few fun ones from kate spade

                                       that's enough to make me want to 
go walking in a winter wonderland!


  1. I know, I have been so excited about the pink twirly birds hat and scarf!

  2. I love the VB scarf! Now if only I had a head that could handle a knit hat :O(

  3. I love the VB hat (1st pic) but I think I'd look like a pinhead, unfortunately.

  4. Would it be greedy if I said I wanted them ALL???

  5. I'm kind of over Vera Bradley... But that scarf is to. die. for!

  6. Totally in love with the Kate Spade mitts! They also have yellow ones with "TAXI" written in black across the top and red ones with "RIGHT" and "LEFT"...they are truly fabulous!!

  7. Love that kate spade pink scarf. Anything with pom poms wins me over quick!

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