Wednesday, April 6, 2011

f is for french

i'm in a french state of mind today
could it be because a co-worker just got back from paris 
and was gushing about the trip?
is it because i fantasize about my own paris vacation one day 
(when i turn the big 4-0? c'est possible....)

don't you just love how the french do things?

the manicures
the coffee
the perfume
my favorite is quelques fleur
the bread
the braids
the kiss
the food
the books
the fashion
the art

oui, oui, oui!

what's your favorite french fetish?


  1. We discussed french fashion in my french class yesterday! I love longchamps!!! I want another bigger bag!!!

  2. J'adore all things French, and j'adore everything about this post! XO

  3. I've been in Paris in every season, and I can say that there is indeed something magical about Paris in the springtime. The songs are true!