Thursday, April 28, 2011

pink and green thursday: kate and wills edition

the excitement is building...
and i find it even hard to sleep, 
just thinking and dreaming about the big day
(i know this is crazy...
mr prep is ready to move out until the hub-bub is over)

and i love that kate and will are giving us 
a taste of something new each day 
like this gorgeous new photo!

today i wanted to honor miss kate, 
soon to be referred to as catherine, 
with a little pink and green!

she looks lovely in both colors, yes?

one swirling rumor is that she might choose 
her "something borrowed" 
from the queen's jewelry box 
and wear this stunning emerald choker diana wore to an event

but what do you think she's chosen to wear on her honeymoon?

a few suggestions, in pink and green, if i might
and something for will, of course!

tomorrow is a BIG day! happy wedding day 
to all you royal watchers! 
enjoy your early morning tea and tv!


  1. Oh my I'm SO excited!!! I can't wait to see the dress!!!

  2. The royal wedding AND Lilly? Does it GET any better?! Cannot wait to watch in the morning and dish with you all day! XO

  3. Such an amazingly beautiful wedding!! Kate looked absolutely beautiful! Definitely worth gettting up at 5 am to watch!!

  4. Love the "Wills asked me first but I said no" poster! I haven't seen that one yet. So cute. I hope she chooses Lilly for the honeymoon! I know I would :)


  5. What a fabulous post! I bet Kate would look divine in that teeny bikini! ;)