Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mildred pierce

did you watch the mini series on hbo?

i adore everything kate winslet does and this was no exception --

she takes such daring roles, and roles 
that are not always glamorous--
although she totally is!
i absolutely loved (and hated) her co-star Guy Pearce

i cannot wait to read the book now!


  1. I've never heard of this one, but I absolutely love Kate Winslet! I must check this out...

  2. I haven't seen this but I may have to look it up on itunes! Thanks for your comment! Yeah my mom is loving these trips right now!! Haha cathedrals of the world we could do it but we are definitely not! She's just a Catholic nut as my dad calls her! Hope you have a great day!!

  3. I am loving Mildred Pierce. I just watched part 3 last night, so good!!

  4. Oh my goodness, wasn't it fabulous? I blogged about it here http://thealyway.blogspot.com/2011/04/mildred-pierce-on-hbo.html
    I just loved it so much after the first hour. The actresses that portrayed Veda did a marvelous job. Kate was fantastic. I can't wait to read the book too. I was telling my friend, doesn't Guy Pearce look like a mix of James Marsden in The Notebook and Johnny Depp in Public Enemies? Either way, he was very good looking during the Santa Barbara scenes.
    Great post!

  5. I've been watching and have the final part to watch tomorrow. I'm a huge fan of the original movie with Joan Crawford so I was a bit nervous about the remake. This new version was just as good as the original, but with enough of a difference that I didn't know every single thing coming. In addition to reading the book, I would highly recommend catching the original movie too. You will not be disapointed.

  6. I haven't seen this yet, your post makes me want to see it even more than I already did!

    Sending you a smile,