Wednesday, March 17, 2010

green day

my little leprechaun, muffy

st. patrick's day is quite the holiday for little ones... mine certainly loves looking for leprechauns, pots of gold and rainbows, and we were up early searching in our house this morning!
in fact, muffy was sure that magnolia, our dog, had seen one running up the stairs!

as a child, my father and i would always search together for leprechauns and come up with elaborate plans on how to spend the gold and wishes we were sure to be granted.

so, as i carry on this tradition with muffy, she looks forward to the hunt every year.

i think i'll stop and pick her up a shamrock shake from mcdonald's on my way home from work today -- a sweet little treat that, like leprechauns, is only around this time of year!

happy st. patrick's day -- hope you don't get pinched!


  1. Oh little Muffy is too sweet! I love that you carry on the leprechaun hunt tradition with her. Have a fun St. Patty's Day and enjoy the shamrock shakes! :)

  2. Such an adorable photo of Muffy all decked out in her green! Happy hunting - I hope you find lots of gold!

  3. What a great photo and adorable daughter! I actually saw it on the Lilly facebook page earlier! Just found your blog--keep up the great writing! :)

  4. She's beautiful! Sounds like a fun day!