Wednesday, March 24, 2010

on the bright side

what do you wear to perk up?

i find that wearing color ALWAYS puts me in a better mood, and puts a smile on the faces of others.

we seem to get caught up in a sea of black, greys and browns in the office,
so infusing color into the corporate setting is a must!

i wore this lilly on monday, hoping to offer a bit of spring color
into my corporate environment.

but then, disaster struck, or should i say: the flu!
i was home sick yesterday, and not feeling a bit like putting on color,
so i took comfort in my black fleece top and black lounge pants. (totally NOT me)
and when muffy got home from school she said,
"mama, I know you're sick if you're not wearing ANY pink!" -- bless her heart!

i'm on the mend, but still in black today -- albeit a long cashmere cardigan
(doesn't cashmere count as medicine? it's like chicken soup to me!)
looking on the bright side of the weekend, i'll be heading to the cape to do a little shopping at the fabulous in the pink store in chatham!

here's to brighter days!


  1. Such an adorable observation by Muffy! Feel better quick... you have lots of pink shopping to do this weekend!

  2. Your daughter is adorable to notice you weren't wearing pink! Love your blog!

  3. How cute is your daughter to walk in and say that?! Hope you feel better soon and tell us all about the fun pink pieces you pick up this weekend!

  4. I can not even begin to thank you for your phenomenal comment about all of the fantastic places to see in Chicago. I was blown away at how sweet you are to type all of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so incredibly grateful :o)
    Hope you're having a great day. I'll be sure to report back on how fabulous they were thanks to your great suggestions!

  5. Your daughter is right! Pink makes everything better. Love your blog.