Tuesday, August 31, 2010

waterfire in providence

beautiful WaterFire
an annual tradition for the prep family
WaterFire is 100 sparkling bonfires on three rivers that run through the heart of Providence is an amazing sight, and one that occurs on scheduled saturday nights during the summer. 

the fragrant scent of aromatic wood smoke, 
the flickering firelight on the arched bridges, 
the silhouettes of the firetenders passing by the flames, 
the torch-lit vessels traveling down the river, 
and the enchanting music from around the world engage all the senses and emotions of those who stroll the paths of Waterplace Park. 

it is an event that draws thousands of people to simply watch and listen.

even the park is filled with luminaries 
there are also international food stands throught the downtown area,
along with open bars!

mr prep and his girls on saturday night

while most of the music along the riverway is opera, there was a stage and big band orchestra set up in the middle of the city where hundreds danced the all night
even babies and dogs got in on the act!


  1. What a neat event! It looks so pretty with the water and sky all lit up.

  2. We've been to Providence twice, both times came just days from being there during the waterfire events. How much fun!!!!!! Next time we'll have to plan to be there for it!

  3. What a fun event!!! You guys looks so cute!!! Hope you're having a great week!

  4. This looks like such a blast, I love that it's your sweet little tradition to go together as a family! Muffy looks like she had a blast too! Did someone say open bar too? Sweet! :)

    Hope you had a blast at Michelle's wedding, I can't wait to hear all about it! Hugs and love!!xooxx

  5. What a wonderful annual event.. It looks like all three of you had a magical evening!