Monday, March 28, 2011

3 white dresses

it may still be freezing here in new england, 
but i am in a little-white-dress-sort-of-mood
and tried on a few lovelies yesterday...
and did a little cost comparison 
between *gasp* old navy and lilly!
shiffi shift, $34.50, old navy
lela shift, $328, lilly pulitzer

embroidered sundress, $34.50, old navy
wilma eyelet, $278, lilly pulitzer

eyelet shift, $29.50, old navy
adelson shift, $278, lilly pulitzer
what do you think?


  1. I'm actually loving the first old navy one!!! I might need to go look at that! I have one white Lilly that I love but I probably won't grab another one for a while! A blogger (don't remember who) posted about white tunics from wisteria so I went ahead and ordered one and its precious! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  2. did that tunic fit? I was thinking about ordering it too after seeing it on her blog. Does it run true to size?

    Also Pink Prep, I LOVE the first old navy one as well, were you able to try it on?


  3. The first old navy one runs true to size. A lot of people complain it's too large, not realizing it's meant to be a babydoll style dress. It comes in french blue that is to-die-for.
    I was just at ON the other day thinking how Lilly-esque their new dresses are!

  4. I saw these over the weekend! I've been thinking about the first one since then... I should go back to get it!

  5. Not ready for white... Until this white body has a tan!

  6. White, eyelet, and Lilly-like at Old Navy?! Who knew?!?!

  7. Adorable! I will have to go to ON and check them out.

  8. I love all of them! Must check them out :)