Wednesday, March 9, 2011

handwriting tag

my dear blogger friend mFw 
tagged me to play along --  
mFw is an adorable sorority girl, prepping up the midwest college world! 
and even though we are years apart,
i LOVE reading her blog and all her adventures! check her out!

ok, here goes.... and yes, the paper is lilly! :-)

1. your name and the name of your blog:

2. your blog address:

3. your favorite quote:

4. favorite songs:

5. write this:

6. tag 3 followers:

7. anything else!


  1. I love mFw, she's like the preppy little sister I never had! This is a fun tag, it's kinda cool to see someones handwriting after you read their typing all the time. Thank you for tagging me, my handwriting is horrible though :)

    Per your comment - I remember your derby party from last year! I think it's so cool your Hubs can play the call on the trumpet (it's the ringtone on my phone, drive my Hubs mad). Wish we could come to each others parties in our fabulous hats!

  2. Of course it's Lilly stationary - love it! I will have to play along. :)

  3. I'm SO glad I saw this!!! Love your handwriting and thanks for the sweet shout out in the beginning!!! I have that same Lilly paper but I think its tucked away in a bin from when we moved rooms at semester! I need to dig that out!! Hope you have a great week!!!