Friday, March 4, 2011

nice guys finish in the top 10

niceness counts
even on reality tv, in hollywood and the music industry
(well, in everything in life, really)
as the top 10 american idol finalists were announced last night, 
the sweet southern boy scotty, 
who has shown so much wisdom and 
always been a true gentleman, 
even publicly apologizing for not being a friend, 
was the first guy elected to stay.

(he had my vote from his first audition!)

and the two guys who were, um, not so nice and all about themselves, 
clint and jordan,
although fabulous singers, were not voted through -- 
not even saved or asked to sing again for the judges for a second chance.

america got it right -- and voted for the nice guy....
and the judges got it right too -- opting for personality and talent 
over drama and big pipes, by leaving the dramatics out 
and putting this sweetie stephano in as a wild card choice.

this season is shaping up to be the best yet!


  1. Amen, sister! I was nervous with Simon being gone, but this has been my favorite season yet (both judges and contestants). Cannot wait to see what unfolds!

  2. I love scotty and stefano! They both have unreal vocals! When scotty sang this week, it honestly shocked me from the start. He could be a producing artist now!

  3. I was so happy Clint and Jordan didn't make it. They are not good role models for young children. So happy for Scotty!