Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the right stuff

since i had this past weekend to myself, i planned a little lunch with a good friend at the nordstrom's bistro...and who did we end up sitting next to?
NKOTB jordan knight
looking better than ever

but i have been a fan since the beginning when he looked like this

she had to hold me back from taking a picture or asking for an autograph
(she had already seen me turn into a squealing teen at the george michael concert a few years back!)

then it was off to shop

i found this darling jacket
(this is not me)


then it was time to work...

i worked for hours cleaning and organizing my basement
i think what took so long was reminiscing over every box i found
from college pictures
(more on college days later)

to baby muffy things

it's a good thing i had the weekend to myself!
(i could use more like it!)


  1. you're singin' to my heart, LOVED Jordan then and love him now :)


  2. Celebrity sightings are always fun.