Friday, February 4, 2011

style, by the numbers

my sweet, stylish blogger friend

gifted me with this award some time ago, so i wanted to play along today....the rules are simple: give seven little tidbits about goes!


1. i love fashion
(maybe it was because my mother used to literally read me Vogue!
i also was a fashion journalism major in college -- i think i made that major up, but the school went along with it-- i not-so-secretly wanted to be a fashion model!)

2. muffy is named after a vogue editor 
(yes, first AND middle name--here are some hints)
3. i love to sing
(i admit i'm not very good at it...but hubs and i are always making up differernt words to songs -- muffy is going to be sooo embarrassed some day!)

4. i have a love/hate with facebook
(love the technology to reconnect with old friends, hate that i cant talk to them and see them all the time -- it makes me miss them!)

5. i never leave the house without lipstick on!
(not even for an early class in college)
6. i curl my hair
(even on beach days or staying around the house days)
i have quite the stock of curlers, rollers and irons. 

 7. i love to window e-shop
(what's better than filling up a shopping cart with lilly...just wish i could buy it all!)

8. i love oprah!
(she was actually a client of mine when i worked at Polo Ralph Lauren in chicago and was lucky enough to be at her show twice -- once she sent a limo to pick me and three friends up--with green room treatment at harpo studios no less!)

do these things make me stylish?
i don't know, but they are certainly things i could not do without!

i know you are a stylish blogger too, so please, play along!


  1. YES! You most certainly are stylish! My answer to what I wanted to be when I grew up was "a fashion model"... I guess it starts young!

  2. You are so cute!!! I love online shopping!!! Hope you're having a great weekend!!!

  3. Love your list too! I wanted to be a ballerina when in was a girl. With these hips it wasn't meant to be. Sigh...

  4. Congrats on the award! I too love to window shop. I load up that cart and have to close the page, boo. I am in need of a Lilly Tunic before my resort vacation this April, so maybe just one purchase wouldn't hurt xoxo