Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bumper stickers

do you have a bumper sticker?

(typical euro stickers seen in our area of the world)

what does the bumper sticker say about you....
or those in your vehicle?
there is a certain type of bumper sticker i'm seeing everywhere, 
especially on the backs of minivans in my neighborhood. 
it's the stick family.
and it drives mr prep crazy!
in fact, he liked this one when he saw it:

now the pink prep mobile does have one, 
and it was given to me by a sweet blogger friend....
i like it because it serves two purposes. 
it declares my allegiance to the preppy lifestyle 
and helps me and muffy find my car in any parking lot.

just look for our ....


  1. Stick families are all over my town, too. I just don't get them. At all.

  2. The whale trumps the stick family ANY day. ;)

  3. I think one or two is perfectly acceptable. As for more, well .. they end up looking like the one in your picture, and nobody should have to be behind those cars! I'd categorize your whale bumper sticker as adorable :)

  4. As a college student, you see many fellow colleagues demonstrating not only political opinions, but every opinion ever thought on their vehicles. I think it demeans the value of the car when you cannot see the paint due to all the mashed up decals. I couldn't agree more with you or Mr. Prep!

    I do have two stickers on my car, one of the name of the college I attend annnnnnnd a Vineyard Vines Whale :) it just makes my day better when I see it.

  5. I have my monogram in my back window ;O) In a town of Jeep Patriots, yes, it helps me find my car in any parking lot. The downside is, everyone knows it's my car and I cant get away with much lol

  6. I have all my college stickers on mine, including a variety of parking passes from years of college. Then I have ones from places Ive traveled on one side windows in the back. I just got a monogram for my car & I have some true bumper stickers on the actual bumper, SLUTS - southern ladies under tremendous stress & Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred Aster did but backwards and in high heels - its a theater nerd thing

  7. I like monograms and the vaca places and of course VV but other than that not a fan! Right now I don't have anything on my car!

  8. I LOATHE the stick families. My mom got me one for Christmas as a joke because she knows how much I dispise them. Now there are ones with Mickey Mouse ears and the flip flop families as well. Ick.