Monday, February 21, 2011

afternoon theater

muffy and i, along with our girlfriends, went to see my 
all-time favorite musical yesterday afternoon

i have seen so many versions of the musical, 
and this was really a wonderful production, 
and it was at a revitalized old theater near our town

and after every show we see, 
muffy insists on having her picture made with the stars
(here she is with annie and orphan molly)

as i commuted into work this morning, i kept the 
soundtrack in and belted out every song. 
(i swear i was a broadway singer in a past life!)


  1. Adorable! It is playing here this coming weekend in my town too!
    So funny because it seems the same plays are on at the same time all over the place lol

  2. I LOVE Annie!!! Muffy looks so cute and I"m glad you guys had a good time!!! I did a music report on it in 8th grade with no research I just watched the movie and somehow got a 100. haha! SO random!