Monday, February 28, 2011

preppy puppy

this weekend, with mr prep and muffy away,
my preppy puppy and i had lots of play time together...
and while out shopping for HER, i found a new gourmet treat company!

how cute are these treats?
they're all-natural too, and produced right near me on cape cod!
we got the cranberry bones 
(they're actually soft, 
no, i didn't try them, 
and much better for my 12-year-old girls' teeth than crunchier bones)

here's a picture of the preppy princess herself!
my magnolia


  1. Ooo...fabulous find! I'll have to get my 12 year old Westie, Daisy, some of those!

  2. Ahhh!!! So cute!!! What a fun company!!!

  3. Wow, so incredibly cute! I hope you had a nice weekend to yourself!

  4. That's so cute and such a great find! That reminds me of this little store in my neighborhood called Four Preppy Paws. I can't wait to get a dog so I can shop there!