Thursday, July 8, 2010

bye, bye binky

habits are hard to break

addictions, even harder

my muffy has had a bad habit, er, addiction 
to her "passy" since birth. 
it has soothed her, helped her sleep 
and generally kept her happy.

she even gave it up a couple years ago -- 
(amongst lots of tears and sleepless nights)
the passy fairy came and left her a big-girl gift (princess walkie talkies!) 
and she spent a few years without them.

then, we found one... 
and she wanted to try it, you know, just to see if she still liked it, 
and sure enough, she did! 
i tried to let her keep it for her dollies, 
but when i caught her with it, it was just too much.

so once again, i summoned the passy fairy, who left a very stern note this time.

these are the last two i have, hidden in my desk drawer at work
they're away from her, but a reminder of my baby to me.

who knew a binky would cause so many tears?


  1. Oh my gosh, I just blogged about this last night... We had our son's 15 month dr appt yesterday and she said she wanted the binkie gone by next appt.. (18 month).. My son is addicted!! The dr recommended having a big ceremony... but Im just dreading it... he is sooo obsessed with them!!


  2. I have no idea how or why but my little guy rejected his at 10 months...we spent a week in Manhatten where he had it in his mouth 24/7...we came home and he threw it out lol! My problem is that he wont give up the bottle - tho I have limited it to just at home at only twice a day.

  3. LOL, I love calling it a "binky". I remember one episode of "Reba" where her son-in-law and daughter were talking about their baby, and he goes, "Listen to us- 'Baba', 'Binky'... she's taken away our ability to speak like big people!" Haha!

  4. So cute! Hope its working ok for sweet lil Muffy!!!

  5. I still have one from each of my boys in a box... I remember we told them (at age 2) that it was just the rules that pacis had to be given up then. We didn't make up the rules - the "infamous THEY" did. We just had to follow them, because "they" said so. The amazing fact is that both boys bought it!