Tuesday, July 27, 2010

italian dreaming

i am forever planning a vacation in my mind.
whether it's a day trip up the coast, a visit home to the south
or an exotic european holiday.
so, when i got an email about the amalfi coast,
i started planning!

but this isn't the first time i've planned a trip here.

when mir prep and i were planning our honeymoon nine years ago,
amalfi was the place! 
we had everything planned, coordinated and (mostly) paid for.
the date was set.
we would leave the day after our wedding,
september 15, 2001.

then the attacks of september 11th happened,
and everything was on hold, or canceled, understandably.
and since our local airport was closed,
we took a wonderful trip to martha's vineyard.

but i still long for the italy trip.
when i mentioned it to mr prep this past weekend
and how it would make an excellent
10th anniversary gift/trip in 2011, he said YES!

so i'm in planning mode again!
oh, amalfi, how i can't wait to visit you and meet you at last!
(this time as an old married woman, not a young newlywed)

and speaking of newlyweds,
stay tuned, i'm honoring my dear friend pink champagne
at the end of august with a week' worth of wedding posts
as she says i do!


  1. I've always wanted to go to Italy... dream...

    What a great hubby you have to gear up for it again!

  2. So sad your honeymoon was canceled, but I guess that's how God planned it to be! That will be so fun to plan for next year!!! So sweet you're doing a wedding week for Pink Champagne! She's so cute and sweet!!!

  3. This would be fabulous. I have been to northern Italy but didn't have time to go to southern Italy. This looks wonderful.

  4. Oh how gorgeous! I hope you get to go one day! Hubby and I were planning a trip to Paris and then on to Monoco, for the Monoco grand prix (my hubbys dream to see that race). We were all set to go and then found out we were preggers! We decided to cancel as we needed the money (this was 6 years ago). Maybe one day.....

  5. Oh SO sweet - you just put a big smile on my face when I reached the end of your post, darling! :) And I am soooo excited for you that you will finally get to explore the Amalfi Coast to celebrate 10 years as Mr. & Mrs. - so romantic! You will absolutely ADORE it. Cannot wait to chat as your planning progresses....

  6. Yay for your trip! You are going to have an awesome time planning it and going there!

    I went to Venice (most boring place on earth) and the food was yummers!

  7. Parlo un pocco di Italiano, ma non ho andato in Italia.

    BAH im sure that was so bad, I fail at italian since I took a year off from it.