Tuesday, July 20, 2010

kindergarten gifts

since muffy is about to start kindergarten 
i wanted to get her a special little something 
to make her feel good about herself and not be so scared

and this is what i found

she loves to read, and anything about 
mama animals and baby animals she just adores

other great books for kindergarten i found are

i think i'm going to give them to her sooner than later 
so we can read them and get ready for the big step!

there's even a new exhibit opening up at the boston children's museum called "getting ready for kindergarten"
it's a room set up like a kindergarten classroom
where prespective students can roam freely checking out all the "stations" and participate in the activities.

today we did some back-to-school clothes shopping.
as we passed saks, she told me, hey mama, this looks like a good store!
and as luck would have it, all the little girls' lilly was an additional 50% off the markdown price.
oh, what am i in for?!?

oh, the fun we are going to have this next year!


  1. Getting ready for kindergarten is such fun! Poor me... we are getting ready for Middle School. Ack!

  2. I am going into year 20 of teaching kindergarten. Yesterday I spent the day with my Mama shopping for "back to school" clothes. I picked up 2 Lilly dresses and a fun short outfit. You have selected some of my favortie books EVER! Chester is one lucky racoon, as I am certain Muffy is too! Enjoy the wonder of kindergarten! It totally rocks! :)

  3. So exciting that Muffy is heading to Kindergarten!!! Those books look so cute! I remember the Miss Bindergarten one!

  4. What a great idea! I love that you'll be sharing such a big step through reading!!

  5. What an exciting time for you and Muffy! Those books look so precious and will be something she can treasure always.

  6. That is such a fun transition to make! I hope you have a wonderful summer preparing for "school!" I also just left you The Sunshine Award on my blog (http://glitterista.blogspot.com/2010/07/sunshine-award.html). Thanks so much for having such a happy and inspiring blog! :)

  7. What great books! My little man is starting Kindergarten this year too, sniff! I might have to pick up a few of these, I am just not sure if I am ready myself!! That exhibit sounds amazing, wish we had something like that here.