Friday, July 30, 2010

city girls

happy friday and happy weekend everyone!

muffy and i are taking the train into boston tomorrow
to meet up with a few friends, go to the children's museum,
play in the playground on the waterfront,
then have snacks in the north end (italian section)
and we're so excited!

we went a few weeks ago with another good friend....

muffy and me

and muffy and her sweet little friend

meeting a skunk, the minute men, on the carousel,
in the spray park and looking out over the gorgeous harbor.

hope you have a fabulous weekend, too!


  1. How fun! Now that I've been to Boston (a couple of weeks ago), I know exactly where most of those places are. Hope you and Muffy have a great weekend!

  2. Have a great time! The boys and I love to take the train in to Boston for fun adventures.

  3. So fun!!! You girls will have blast!! We were in Boston for a family trip when I was younger and I had a blast at the Children's Museum! I love the pics!!

  4. That sounds like the perfect girls day. Have fun!