Thursday, July 22, 2010

pink and green thursday--southern sandwich!

i'm playing along today on this lovely pink and green thursday!
you know trish, right?
check her out at

inspired by the south and the fruits of summer, 
i'm posting my favorite southern sandwich
the tomato and mayo...

one very ripe garden fresh tomato 
(store bought are just not the same, 
you know what i mean!)
fresh white bread
a heaping spread of miracle whip
fresh ground salt and pepper

you could make this a little more fancy and euro, 
with thick-cut french bread, 
some garden fresh basil leaves, thick-cut mozzarella 
and replace the mayo with olive oil....
but this just tastes like home to me!

and who doesn't remember this classic southern movie
about the fruits of summer?

hope you have a delicious thursday!


  1. That sounds delicious! I love BLTs in the summer. Nothing better!

  2. I love anything made with tomatoes! Have you had tomato pie? Oh my gosh, it changed my life! Not really, but it is to die for!

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  4. Actually I eat one every day during the summer months! YUM!

    Oh, and as far as my last post, nothing happened. I just think I should be a little more careful in regards to my children!

  5. Yum, when I was in paris I would always eat tomato sandwiches on baguette with fresh mozzarella, one of the most delicious combos.

  6. Happy Pink and Green Thursday!! I don't like tomatoes - I'm picky but I love the pink and green!!!

  7. this defines summer to me!! only, sub the miracle whip for DUKES!!!!

  8. Yes, I'm a Duke's girl too! You can also sprinkle dried basil on it if you don't have fresh!