Friday, June 25, 2010

coffee talk

how do you start your morning?

i am not fully awake until i have a cup of coffee!

but lately, i've become an ice coffee girl
(it's been steamy in the northeast!)

there are two very distinct tastes in coffee
(in the boston-area at least...enough to start a fight!)

what type of coffee drinker are you?

i actually like both of these brands

for a hazelnut or coconut
with cream and a sweet and low


for a coffee frappaccino

both are so refreshing and enough to keep me awake all day!


  1. I have to start my day with coffee - it's a must! Even in the heat, though, I have a hot cup of java.

  2. I have been a Coke Zero addict, but decided to give it up about a month ago. Now I'm drinking black hazelnut coffee made in our Keurig coffee maker. It's kind of bitter, but it's growing on me!

    I love Dunkin Donuts coffee and frappaccinos too! And being from New Orleans my favorite way to drink coffee is a piping hot cup of coffee with chickory with warm cream and sugar! Mmmm!!

  3. I've been doing iced coffee these days too. It's just way too hot! I am a starbucks girl through and through. I don't like Dunkin Donuts coffee. Although McDonalds coffee isn't too bad either.

  4. I love Starbucks like way too much but I don't actually drink coffee. I drink their Passion Fruit tea iced in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter. Dunkin Donuts just came back to the STL area like a year ago. When I was little all of the shut down and now they're coming back. Panera/Bread Co is big here too for coffee. My mom loves Eintseins too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Caramel frappaccinos are my favorite summer guilty pleasure! So yummy (and completely non-caloric, right...?) ;)

  6. These both look delicious!! Hot or cold, I must have a dose in the morning to be fully functional! :)

  7. I used to be a DD girl but have since graduated to Starbucks. I make the house blend at home and get a nonfat latte almost every day.

    As I sit typing this I am sipping my Iced Venti non-fat latte. My second of the day. I think I may have a problem. ;)

  8. I'm a Starbucks kinda gal, when I can afford a $5 coffee! Did you know that 'latte' is Italian for 'you paid too much for that coffee'...? ;)

  9. Hi sweetie! I am a huge coffee drinker when I'm traveling for work, but when I work from home it's usually tea or diet coke! (I know the diet coke's not good for you, but I am a DC junkie!!) :) Happy weekend! xoxo

  10. I'm not a snob... they both are delish!

  11. I love me some coffee, but became a little bit of a coffee snob after I worked at a coffee shop that roasted their own beans! So yummy!
    Love iced coffee from Starbuck's or Barnie's though during the summer.