Monday, June 14, 2010

let's do lunch

as much as i long to be a lady who lunches, i am not (*sigh*)

but i do enjoy a nice lunch out! 

some of my earliest memories are of my mother and grandmother dressing me up and taking me out to lunch at a nice hotel or a ladies' tea room.

as i grew older and would come home from college, my mother always enjoyed meeting me for lunch at a quaint luncheon spot around the town square.

the menu was pretty much the same....
we always start with an iced fruit tea

followed by a chicken salad on a croissant

and some sort of fruity ice-box pie for dessert.


i wish we could escape right now!

(but i'll have to settle for my salad i made in the corporate cafeteria)


  1. Mmm... you're making me hungry! I too enjoy 'lunching'. Of course, the true 'ladies who lunch' never actually eat anything ;)

  2. What a nice memory of lunches with your Mother and Grandmother!

  3. Oh my goodness that lunch looks soooooo yummy! Now I feel the need to go out for lunch lol!

  4. I too have a great desire to be a "lady who lunches"! Oh how nice it would be to sit down and have a civililzed meal. Instead I am a Lady who makes chicken nuggets with a side of grapes nearly everyday for lunch for the kids! What a great tradition with your Mother and Grandmother, one I know you will pass down to your little lady!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous tradition! Chicken salad on a croissant is my absolute favorite!!