Thursday, June 24, 2010

pink and green thursday...good morning

is there a better way to start the day than in pink and green?
especially on pink and green thursday?

let's begin by...

waking in soft cotton
pink and green lilly jammies, then...

wander into the beachy kitchen

and start the day with a tropical smoothie

(if only this were the life, right?!)

join in the fun with trish over at

and have a fabulous pink and green thursday!


  1. How cute! Those smoothies look so yummy! I need one, now!

  2. I love that picture of the smoothies! They look so refreshing!

  3. OMG that kitchen is toooo cute! The BF would never let me do that in our house though! lol

  4. Those jammies are so cute and they look super comfy!!!! :)

  5. I love that kitchen!!! I don't think Mr. SS would like it as much as I do though.

    Happy P&G Thursday!!!

  6. What a perfectly pink and green morning!

  7. Hmmmmm, I wonder what my husband would do if I told him I wanted to redo our kitchen in pink and green!

  8. Happy Pink and Green Thursday! I LOVE that kitchen its just adorable! Have a great weekend!

  9. Is there any better way to start the day, than in Pink & Green PJ's?? I think NOT!! That kitchen looks like a little doll house, so precious! Happy Pink & Green Thursday, Friday and all weekend long!! xoxo