Wednesday, June 23, 2010

way-back wednesday...royal weddings

so much royal love news as of late!

i am loving all the beautiful photos of 
sweeden's princess victoria's weekend wedding to daniel westling

this morning's announcement of 
monaco's prince albert's engagement to charlene wittstock

and the soon-to-be-announced engagement of 
prince william and kate middleton

i am quite the royal watcher, and who doesn't love 
an all-frills, fairy tale wedding in a castle?

with that, i pay homage to the late, great 
princess diana...
how lovely she was! 

as a bride and throughout her lifetime. 

i remember watching her wedding as a little girl
(and years later, sadly, her funeral)

rest in peace, dear princess, 
you set the standard for modern-day royal weddings


  1. I tried to catch what I could of Princess Victorias wedding last weekend. Her dress is gorgeous!!

  2. You are right - quite a lot of royal wedding news!

    I love Kate Middleton though. Looking forward to seeing pics from that wedding. :)

  3. love this post!!! I saw bits of her wedding on the Today show! Princess Victoria is so beautiful!!!

  4. I am so looking forward to Wills and Kate announcing something!

  5. Didn't you LOVE Princess Victoria's amazing wedding gown?? I thought it was incredible, so classy, and her lacy veil, so elegant! What a fun royal post! xoxo

  6. What I really love are the cute little pages' sailor suits! Both Sumter and Jackson had linen ones that we had beautiful photographs made in. Those sweet days...

  7. I love all things royalty too! That's why I'm excited for Versailles when I'm in France. My mom's not as excited but I said we're going!

  8. Any day on Prince Williams engagement. England needs a Royal Wedding for tourism purposes.

  9. Oh, how I miss Princess Diana!!!

  10. Oh to be a princess and have a fairy tale wedding fit for royalty! I love following the royals and dreaming of living in their world...