Friday, June 18, 2010

daddy's girl

doesn't this just say it all?

in honor of my daddy, whom i affectionately call DAD-O,
i wish him and all the daddies a very happy father's day!

i am very fortunate to be celebrating this father's day with my dad, 
who graciously drove up from tennessee 
to help spruce up a few of our rooms with a fresh coat of paint! 
he loves little projects like this now that he's retired!

we even took a day off this week to go into boston, 
walk along the waterfront and eat some fresh lobstah!

dad-o and me, october 1975

my father always played dolls with me as a child, 
and even when it came time for me to pack 
the baby dolls and barbie's away, 
dad-o was right next to me, shedding a few tears.

muffy and her pampa, december 2009

he now plays with muffy, and loves that he has another little girl in his life!

then there's muffy's daddy, mr prep

muffy and mr prep in disney, april 2007
mr prep became a stay-at-home dad after she was born, and began his own business from our dining room.

muffy and mr prep in nyc, december 2009

she is super close to her daddy, 
so, happy father's day to you, mr prep!


  1. I have a soft spot for devoted dads!

  2. That is so sweet that you played dolls with your Dad-O as a little girl, and now he has Muffy to play with too! I love that Mr. Prep and she are close as well, there is nothing that can replace a great daddy! Happy Father's Day to Dad-O and to Mr. Prep!! xoxo Hugs to you and Muffy xox

  3. Love this post! What wonderful memories and photos!

    Happy Fathers Day to Dad-O and Mr Prep!!!

  4. I'm a total daddy's girl as well! Have a wonderful Father's Day sweetheart! xxx

  5. Hope you all have a fabulous father's day! The pictures are so cute and as always Muffy is adorable! Love the name dad-o so fun and unique!

  6. So sweet! I love our "Large and Growly Bear" connection with our dads!