Monday, August 2, 2010

a weekend of LILLY!

when i got the email that my favorite lilly store in the pink was having a sale,
i did a squeal and muffy and i headed to newbury street in boston to shop!

i didn't go too crazy, but did get an adorable cotton jersey strapless top for me
and a sweet matching dress for muffy for when
we go to the beach in rhode island in a couple weeks.
(pillowcase style)

all the minnie's were half off -- that's $24 for a lilly dress!
after gathering our bags, muffy says, mama, i think i'm all lilly'd out!
then she said, i mean until fall.
(phew! but still!)

but that does not complete my lilly weekend...

i am the lucky recipient of a fabulous new lilly handbag from
and i received it on friday!

thanks BLC, i love it!

wishing you a cheery summery, sunshine-filled week!


  1. Love your purchases! Muffy is too funny saying she's Lillied out til fall! I was at our Lilly sore checking out their sale and I'm posting about it tomorrow!!!

  2. i love In the Pink! I'm going to have to stop in to check out the sale this week!

  3. LOVE that pillowcase style dress! (and of course the print - hehe)