Monday, May 10, 2010

tea-party manners for every day

as part of national etiquette week, i'm joining in with miss janice over at in recognizing the art of manners.
she is an expert and is hosting a wonderful giveaway on the subject!
Lititia Balldrige's guides and how-tos on manners, etiquette and the like!

 my favorite way to teach muffy about manners is by having a fabulous tea party!

there are so many lessons in a tea party....and fancy nancy does a great job at teaching little ladies these five points

1) organization
decide who you'll invite, what you will serve, where you will have the event, 
what time you will welcome guests
2) the invitation
this is so important and what is lost on e-vites and facebook notifications
it is an honor to be invited to any should make each guest feel special

3) the rsvp
the honor of an invitation should be responded to promptly by a proper rsvp

4) table setting
i have muffy set the table every evening, as i did as a child, and although we of course do not use all the above flat and glassware, 
it's a good thing to know where everything goes
5) polite manners
from the welcoming of each guest, to the pleases and thank you's to "pinky's up"

here is a great book i read to muffy over and over ... to make sure the message is sinking in! and she takes the lessons from the princesses 
a lot better than from mama!

muffy having "pretend tea" at the eloise gift shop at the plaza in new york


  1. Such a cute picture of Muffy!

  2. Oh, my daughter loves Fancy Nancy - I'll have to find that particular book!

  3. What a great post! My daughter is crazy about the Fancy Nancy books! I am sure little Muffy is a 'pro' at proper tea manners, just like her mommy!
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. I love Eloise!! Cute pic!

    We have a saying in our house...'Tea party rules!' which means we all must be on our best behaviour :O)

  5. So sweet (and starting her young)! Aren't tea parties such fun?

  6. That is the sweetest pic of Muffy. She looks like she was having the time of her life. Great manners post! :)

  7. Now if they only had Fancy Clancy so I could teach my boys....They do set the table, and we talk manners ALL the time (much to their dismay) but it is SO worth it! Every time (really, almost EVERY time) we go to a restaurant, they are complimented on their manners. Not sure if that says more about their manners, or the fact that so many other children have NO manners....
    GREAT picture of Muffy! :)

  8. How fun! A tea party is a must for every lady, no matter her age!

    By the way, I laughed so hard when I read that your "Yankee neighbors" enjoyed your Derby party! :)

  9. That bow is incredible! She must love it! SO cute on her! :) xoxo

  10. Hi sweetie! Oh I have missed you and your Muffy posts! What a happy post to return to! Wonderful etiquette post, I am crazy about the Fancy Nancy books. Little Miss Muffy just couldn't be cuter if she tried in that darling pink sweater and sweet big bow! "Pinkies up!" :) xoxox

  11. Oh I can not wait to read these books to my little princess when she gets older!! Having a tea party to teach manners is a fabulous idea! Your little Muffy is way too darling!