Monday, May 17, 2010

seven little tidbits

i received this award from the sweet and adorable
Prissy Preppy Flamingo  
she just completed her freshman year of college (yay!!) 
and is headed home for summer vacation now. 
wish i could turn back the clock and join her!

the rules are simple... just share things about yourself!

1.  i love being a girly girl (big surprise!)
from shopping in the city, to simply doing my hair and makeup everyday,
 I really enjoy getting pretty...and take pride in it.

2.  i'm a history buff and political activist 
i can easily be glued the the history channel for hours and it was always one of my best subjects in school.
i was the voice of democracy my senior year of high school
 and was an officer on the student senate in college.
i've been a political reporter.
and recently volunteered during the MA senate elections

3. i am not a good cook
i really wish i was. there are a few things i can cook pretty well,
 but overall, i would not rate my dinners very high. 
in fact, mr prep cooks most of our meals!

4. i knew i wanted to be a writer in the third grade
i was a writer for the student newspaper from the fourth grade through my senior year of college and have written for newspapers, magazines and have written three children's books (not published, yet!)

5. i love music
any type. 
from rap & hip-hop to celine dion to honky-tonk country. 
i sing all the time, not just in the car! 
i think it annoys muffy and my co-workers, but it really is a mood-enhancer.
this is a crazy fact: but i am still obsessed with george michael and anything by wham! in fact, i just saw him in concert last year!

6.  i was diagnosed with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes when i was 15
i take two shots a day, but took six a day when i was pregnant with muffy!
not easy, not fun, but under control, i live a very heathly, normal life.
and still get to have my cake and eat it too!

7.  i am a nailbiter
(not something i'm proud of)
i've only stopped biting my nails twice in my life!
once when i was anticipating my engagement ring and when i was at home and relaxed on maternity leave. i have tired acrylic nails more times than i can count, too. bad, bad habit that i cannot seem to break!

how's that for versatile topics?


  1. I love the I am a girly girl! Obviously so am I! That is so fabulous that you have written children's books! I can't wait for them to be published - that is just fabulous! My mom is a terrible cook also, we eat lots of take out (subway, pizza, etc) and for most holidays (even Christmas) my dad barbecues because there is no way she is cooking! Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. I am a girly girl too! I never leave my house without makeup. And I can't wait to read your childrens' books!

    I would love to be able to write a children's book!

  3. Wow, six shots a day when you were pregnant?? That's crazy?! But seriously, thank the Lord for good medicine though, right? I'm glad to know that W will be using her kitchen for years to come. I had a Mimi, and still have a Meme. :)

  4. Hearing you sing at your desk would make me happy. :) The day would go by soooo much more quickly! And isn't being a girly girl SUCH FUN?!

  5. I'm a nailbiter too!! Have been since I was little. Such a hard habit to break!!