Monday, May 3, 2010

post-party pics

did everyone have a wonderful derby weekend, rain or shine?
we were fortunate in the northeast to have summer-like weather for our party --
and i'm so happy the skies cleared for the running of the race, itself.
(although it looked awfully dangerous in all that mud!)

i honestly do not have a lot of pictures -- not one of the massive spread of food, fabulous juleps and bellinis, or of that amazing display of desserts --
as i was playing hostess, bartender and crowd controller, 
but here are a few from the festivities.

in her hat she made by herself

mr prep explaining and demonstrating the kiddie stick horse race

mr prep sounding the call of the horses
(honestly, one of my favorite parts of the party!)

favorite hats of the party

good friends

and the prep family, the last picture taken of the night, if you can't tell
(i was in clean-up mode, outfitted in my 1950s-style apron, 
but at least it matched my dress!)

it was so fun to have friends and neighbors come together
(winter in the northeast is brutal and we tend to hibernate inside, 
so we all make the most of warm-weather events!) 
we have decided to make this an annual event!


  1. Love the pics! Looks like everyone had an amazing time! You and Muffy look adorable!

  2. I'm glad you had a great time!!! It looks like so much fun! I'm also glad the weather was great for ya'll!!! Of course I got rained on quite a bit at the Derby but it just couldn't spoil my good time!!

    P.S. Love your apron!! So cute! :)

  3. Yay for great weather for your party!

    I love that mr prep demonstrated the horserace lol! My husband would do the same thing :O)

  4. This sounds like such fun! What a great idea! Love that first pic! Too precious and your apron looks fabulous Dahling! lol

    Have a fabulous Monday sweetie!

  5. I just knew your party would be a huge hit, and it surely didn't disappoint! Loving all those hats and flowers!
    PS - your pink bathroom with the black and white starlets sounds amazing... do you think I can convince Fiancé to paint ANOTHER room pink? ;)

  6. How fun! I wish we could have traded your weather! It was nasty here in Louisville. Our party was great, but our outdoor activities didn't happen. Loved that the sun came out during the playing of My Old Kentucky Home. Perfect.

  7. Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog (that is SO in need of an update!) I LOVE the Chatham Bars Inn. sigh. I think perhaps I will have to have a Derby party next year. Yours looks like such a great time. :) Was skimming your blog to find the 40th anniversary post and saw that you were married in September too. What a great time to get married (we are the 11th) and celebrated 10 years this past September. Cheers!

  8. Glad y'all had such a wonderful time, and the weather was perfect for the event. Love the photos and the great Derby outfits. Your daughter's hat is just precious! :)

  9. You look ADORABLE! Love the apron and your Derby party sounds like my type of party! Your little girl looks precious:)

  10. How fun! Love your daughter's pink dress!