Thursday, May 6, 2010

pink & green wows!

in honor of pink and green thursday,
(play along, won't you?)
trish over at pink preppy lilly lover started this phenom!
my pink and green choice is a full-on pink and green wedding!

southern new england's chatty brides website/blog is too adorable for words!
they recently featured the wedding of sarah and sean
(no, i don't know them, but they are so adorable) 
i just had to share this post documenting their wedding!
enjoy all the pink and green loveliness of it all!


  1. What a gorgeous wedding! Happy pink and green Thursday!

  2. I want that wedding! So pretty! Hope your having a wonderful week! xoxo

  3. what a great wedding! We had many similar elements at ours..sigh. So fun to remember! Except, instead of my mom making the lightship baskets for me and my bridesmaids, I made them! I sat on the beach on Nantucket weaving away all summer. :) I finally got them all finished the day I had to give them to the florist. Yikes!

  4. How fun!!! I have a hot pink kitchen because of my love for pink and green!

  5. Love it all. My wedding was pink and green as well.

  6. What a fabulous pink and green wedding!

  7. A pink and green wedding? You KNOW I immediately clicked over! Loving those Lilly dresses and Nantucket reds. And those flowers? So pretty!

  8. I'm a "stalker" of southern blogs! I was born and raised in the south and now find myself in Chicago. I do love Chicago but I still say y'all. Well, what else could one say?