Wednesday, August 11, 2010

having faith

i am quite possibly 
the biggest george michael fan 
you will ever meet

i have been since i first heard 
wake me up before you go-go

in fact, when he was on the "FAITH" tour back in the 1980s 
I considered running away to attend a concert in atlanta.
(i did not, but my mother did allow me to buy the album 
and join the george michael fan club)

however, there were no posters allowed in my room, 
and i could not scream certain words 
to certain songs off that album 
(daddy's rules)

my dream came true to see king george 
two years ago in boston, 
(the ticket stub still hangs in my office)

and let me tell you, i was like one of those 
crazed fans you see pictures of.

there was screaming, crying, jumping up and down, singing to every song.
oh my...and some dear friends were along for the ride. 
(i think they really were there to keep me from running on stage
i'm in my black sequins bubble dress)

i post this today because as i was driving to work 
i heard a radio station topic of 
what gay man would you like to see straight?

you now know who gets my vote!
(i just WISH he could stay out of trouble!)

his FAITH album, remastered, 
                        is being released at the end of september


  1. I have to admit I love him as well!

  2. You and your George Michael obsession are adorable! Love that dress - and such a fab picture of you all!

  3. He has wonderful music and is quite easy on the eyes!!! ..HHL