Tuesday, August 10, 2010

secret crush

ashton kutcher

i was up way too late last night and found the 2009 movie spread

i think he is so darn cute (sigh), 
(look what he's done for twitter) 
and he's so funny 
(yes, punk'd was once a guilty pleasure!)

he's got a real-life story and started out as an underwear model!

one of my favorite movies was with amanda peet

and in the camera commercials?

he can take my picture any day!


  1. He's just so cute with Demi too! Lucky girl!

  2. Along with the brains, and looks he is a down right nice guy!!! I can totally understand your crush...XO HHL

  3. Those camera commercials make me want to jump into the television! Never thought he was that cute before, but he just looks like he would be so much fun!

  4. LOVED him in Just Married - he and Brittany Murphy had such chemistry! (And such a funny, cute movie too.) ;)