Monday, August 23, 2010

lilly sale recap; wedding week kickoff!

did you get a box of pink and green this weekend?

i did, i did! 
and i just love everything, 
especially the little cosmetic bag that came 
as a gift from the folks at lilly!

here's what was in my package

plus, i was notified that my complimentary 
mckims are on their way as well.

mr prep says i am cut off!

now, onto wedding week!

have you all met my dear friend pink champagne?

she is getting married this saturday!

so in honor of her, and her soon-to-be i-do's 
i'm going to be posting about weddings all week long!

let's start things off with the ultimate kickoff discussion.

the ring!

forever is a very long time to live with the wrong ring, 
so ladies, 
did you pick out your own design or let him surprise you?

when mr prep and i started talking about getting married 
i presented him with a full-page tear-out of a cartier ad 

and told him the jeweler that i would like to replicate my ideal ring.

(i know that's bold, but i knew the jeweler and trusted his work and prices)

the surprise of the actual engagement was up to mr prep
and he did not disappoint!

what was/is your ideal engagement ring?


  1. Love all your items!!! I have that dress and its so cute!!! That's so exciting for Pink Champagne!!! You are such a sweetheart for doing this for her!!!!

  2. Love your Lilly purchases! As for the first ring, it's very similar to mine. So simple, but it says so much! :)

  3. Such great Lilly purchases!

    I didn't pick out my engagement ring, but Nicholas and I definitely talked about what I wanted (and didn't want)! Mine is very similar to yours, but with a princess cut stone. Pretty and simple...exactly what I wanted!

  4. Aren't pink & green boxes the best??? Yours was filled with such lovely treats! You are so sweet counting down and celebrating wedding week with me... and what better way than to kick off the week than with DIAMONDS?! Hehe. Such a gorgeous ring! XO

  5. Loving the Mommy and Muffy matching Lilly!!! I didn't pick my engagement ring, but Hubby delivered exactly what I wanted. A simple round solitare, platnium, with a four prong tiffany setting. But I have been adding to it as the years go on ;)

  6. What a great box of loot! My box was a bit tinier with the Mainsail Fleece and Coral necklace. But they did throw in a cute Lilly keychain!

  7. Love every item....Perfect....A real winner in the stuff department....Have a great week