Wednesday, August 18, 2010

kindergarten wardrobe

anyone who knows me is well aware that 
updating muffy's wardrobe each season 
is super fun for me

maybe i'm living vicariously, 
because i wish i was the one getting an 
entirely new set of clothing every season!

many of you have asked where i shop for her clothes, 
and the answer is everywhere! 
but i do have some brands that i'm definitely loyal to:
carter's and gymboree for playclothes 
(sometimes wal-mart, too!)

Mis-Tee-V-Us, Lilly Pulitzer,
Zutano (she can still wear some), CWD Kids,
Ralph Lauren, Kelly's Kids
and i recently discovered Lolly Wolly Doodle

i like to shop when i'm home in TN at specialty children's stores as well as the department store BELK, for something different.
and of course, i have to have her a signature bow
to keep her southern spirit alive!

i've also found some GREAT items on ebay for her as well.
we live just a few miles from a big outlet center,
so the shopping temptation and deals are always close
(mr prep says this is a BAD thing)

with just two weeks to go, we've been giving mr prep 
fashion shows and organizing the closet.
here is what we have for kindergarten so far

her backpack from gymboree
and the cutest little crocs

of course, THIS tee is what she told me 
she is wearing the first day of school!
what am i in for?!?

do you do heavy-duty back-to-school clothes shopping
before or after school starts?


  1. These outfits are too cute! What a little fashionista! I wore uniforms until I got to college, so before I started freshman year you better believe there was a back to school shopping spree!!

  2. What cute school clothes! I LOVE shopping for my kids every season. I KNOW I will be vicariously living thru my little girl when she starts school, ha! I do most of my shopping on tax free weekend. Which is usually the first weekend in Aug here. I don't think they do that everywhere.

  3. What a darling wardrobe... I can only imagine how much fun it is to shop for a little fashionista!!! HHL

  4. I love her little argyle sweater! And the "little miss stubborn" shirt made me laugh- rebelling already are we?? ;) xoxo

  5. The must be the best dressed child by far! (EVER.) So much fun shopping and dressing such a darling little girl!

  6. I would love to have Muffy in my kindergarte class! We would be great together, considering I always have my signature bow on as well! Tomorrow is the first day for my new kiddos, OH THE EXCITEMENT! Enjoy every minute of it! :)

  7. I wish they had stuff that cute when I was little lol. Love all the pink!


  8. How cute! With older boys, clothes shopping consists of my shopping, bringing home numerous sizes and returning what doesn't fit! (And the pickings are not as cute as when they were little... sigh)