Friday, August 13, 2010

weekend plans

are you ready for the weekend?

i certainly am!
 and so much is on the agenda!
tonight we are going to our town's annual italian festival, 
the feast of st. rocco
this is such a great event, 
full of wonderful homemade italian food stands 
and a carnival midway.

and since mr prep is of italian descent 
(northern...he's a tall blonde) 
we claim heritage! 
and make sure muffy is dressed appropriately.

she got this little tee when she was two-- 
i think it's adorable, 
even though she is a complete sticky mess in this picture!

then, we're packing up and heading down to 
the beach in rhode island for the week!
i'll actually be working and commuting, but my head will be at the ocean!
lots of stuff to pack, but this is my latest acquisition that i'll be proudly panted in!

(i grew up in alabama, so i'm thrilled to show my spirit!)

and i just got this email!

this is my pick for the 50% off! 

i'll be picking the winner for the monogrammed totes 
this afternoon and posting tonite! stay tuned!

happy weekend everyone!


  1. What a fun weekend you have in store! Have so much fun! Heading to inthepink now. :)

  2. Your weekend sounds fabulous! I'm Italian too and so wishing I was going to this festival!

    Have a great time!

  3. Oooh sounds like fun!!!!!! I've only been to a greek festival, which is pretty great. I think an Italian festival would be amazing!!!!!!!! I love Muffy's little shirt. That is so cute! :)

  4. St. Rocco festivals are just so delish!!! Hubby in Italian - from the south ...our festival was last -week-end here, unfortunetely we were unable to attend. Muffy's shirt is adorable ... and that Lilly dress ... must go check out it .. it could be number 3... Happy Friday..HHL

  5. Okay so first off...I'm in Alabama now but originally from FLorida and am a Gator fan in ROLL TIDE country! Haha!

    That Lilly dress, the exact one on your post, is what I wore for my daughter's first birthday in July! I got it in a department store for 40% off, not quite the 1/2 on Pink...

    Your daughter is the Italian pride!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! Recruitment and work week have taken over my life.

  7. Love In the Pink! I need to head over there!