Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sale temptations

does the word 
tempt you?

it sure does me!

so i was logged in at 9:58 am 
awaiting the secret lilly sale to start at 10 am

i was amazed by the prices and abundance of styles, 
so i quickly filled my tote with these lovelies

and have been waiting 
(not so patiently) 
for over an hour for my order to go through...

did you get this message? 

were you one of the ones standing in the virtual line with me?

while i was waiting, i decided to check out a few of my 
other preppy SALE sites for a look-see, and some temptation.

here's what i found

lands end sweaters

ll bean sweaters, shoes and boots

ralph lauren sweater
i'm still waiting to see if my lilly order went through...
why is one little word so exciting?


  1. These sales are nice but if no one can buy anything....

  2. Hoping your order of lovelies gets through!!! OMGoshh - virtual line-ups!!! HHL

  3. SALE tempts me like nothing else! Maybe it was someone looking out for my wallet that stopped me from being able to browse beyond the bikini I got... Love that seahorse cardigan too! :)

  4. so how long did you end up having to wait?? I love you item choices!!!-- and i LOVEEEEE those brown boots you found on ll bean!! did you find those on the actual site?? or some other site?? hope you got all of your stuff!! i'm jealous :)

  5. Went a little too crazy, but I'm so excited to get all of it! Yippee! Hope you were finally able to get through! :)

  6. Great finds! I really want that LE toggle sweater!

  7. I have that dress and its so cute!!! I didn't have much time but tried to send an email to order so we'll see what happens!

  8. I bought a few things... just a second ago!!!

  9. Love the Clare dress!
    And loving that LL Bean whale sweater, adorable!